Tuck Everlasting!

Basahin niyo. Siyet ang ganda. Ang ganda talaga.

Dapat yan yun pinapabasa sa atin nung HS eh.

Aabangan ko nga yan sa Disney. Kailan kaya yun papalabas? = D

No friggin way.

Its hard to believe that someone you once talked to, shared bread sticks with and even received a palanca letter from has now passed away.

We were never close. But I appreciated your friendship.

Rest in Peace po. I hope you're doing fine up there.

Bom Lan Kim.
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Maybe it iisss true that beer can make your problems go away.

Well not that I got drunk

But I finished three fourths a bottle of beer. Yay for me!

I just met some of my cousins from my dad's mom's side (gets?) Andami pala naman. They were nice. I didn't know most of them even existed. Well now I know.

Hmmm... what else....

Me and my brothers girlfriend bonded. Well more like I spilled some of my guts out to her. Hmmm... I think my brother gets irritated when I hang out with them. I ALWAYS sit in the middle. Not that I'm stopping them from whatever lovey dovey stuff they wanna do. I just like their company.

Sunday? FUNDAY!

Too many sunday afternoons have been spent lying lazily on the bed and watching TV. Not that I'm complaining about my ever-so-fun geek lifestyle but its not often that I actually go out of the house and into the afternoon sun. 

I do go out. But not out, out. This was different.

Last sunday we went to the CCP complex near Vito Cruz on a field trip to DZRH. You basically follow a star to get there (tumawa kayo. joke yun. ba't di kayo tumatawa?)


After the tour (which took about an hour) we had the whole afternoon off. So we went Bycycling!!

It was fun. Except when I kept bumping into things, and that my feet don't touch the floor when I'm on the bike. And that it was friggin hot.

But all in all I wanna do it again. Masaya din pala ang magbisikleta sa araw.

Masaya din ang...

1. Abbey road pic na ginawa natin nung kaya lang Ako pala ay si RINGO sa pic na iyon. drat. Ali, kaw si John, si Claud si Paul tapos si George si Gemma.
2. Kain sa tapa king.
3. Ice cream sa tropical.

Sana magkafunday ulit tayo.


Ayoko pumasok sa P.E. PLEASE. 

Sana magabsent na siya ngayon PLEASE!!

dahil ito sa mga sumusunod na dahilan.

1. Ang aking uniporme ay nalabhan kasama ang isang pulang damit (di ko pa nalalaman kung anong klaseng damit ito kaya ngayon ito ay kulay rosas na malamarshmallow ang kulay
2. Naiwan ko ang aking score sheet sa bahay.
3. Test ito sa iscoring. Hindi ako magaling sa iscoring. Sa katunayan nga, hindi ako magaling sa kahit anong may relasyon sa P.E.
4. Dot Dot Dot NOT!
5. Hindi ako nakapaghingi ng pambayad sa ticket na ibinenta sa amin ni Ma'am.
6. Masama ang prof na ito.

Sana wla siya... ANYUUUUUMMMMM...

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Beep beep mm beep beep yeah!!

Months after my computer crashed (or what feels like a year), A month after the only TV that can read a DVD player short circuited and weeks after my Ipod suffered the unthinkable , I am now media deprived.

Right now I want nothing more than to Internet for hours on end, watch endless marathons and listen to the new remixed version of "Drive my Car" by the Beatles.

Oh and I want a book too.

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Random Blog.

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I hate damaged books.



Bakit ba kung ano pa yun gustong gusto mo na libro yun pa yun nadadamage?

Pinaparusahan mo ba ako book fairy?

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Over it.

Ground Rules: The first player of this game starts with the topic '5 weird habits/facts about yourself' and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their 5 weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names

1. When I'm interested in what I'm listening to or to what I'm watching I "poke" my eye (magegets niyo lang yun pagkilala niyo na ako). Apparently it helps me see better.
2. When you see me in the hallways, and you wave , and I don't reply, that just means that I can't see/recognize you. Hindi ako snob!!
3. When I like something, you're gonna hear about it from me. A lot.
4. When I debate, and I become overly sarcastic, that means I'm running out of things to say.
5. I like wearing black (not because I'm emo or gothy or whatever) because I get messy a lot and it hides the stains. = P

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I've been thinking lately.

That maybe, I've been approaching some things from the wrong perspective.

Merry Christmas everyone! 

...And thanks!

= D 

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Best training evah.

I went to a "real" debate training yesterday after my long debate Hiatus. The reason why I call this debate training "real" is because I learned more about debate than I ever did in my whole debating career.

Well not to say that my past trainers didn't teach me well, its just that this guy is bloody amazing.

I've always had problems with the organization of my arguments. I tend to skip from one idea to another, complicating the speech but not really getting anywhere.

But wow, he was really patient even though I think it took me around three hours to really let the lesson sink in.

Ang galing niyang debater!


The worst thing that probably happened yesterday was when I ran into TDC.

Oh dear Lord.

I wanted to hide under the bloody table. I guess I really can't explain to you why I am so awkward around these people without sounding bitter, but well I just am, ask anyone who quit from TDC, they know how I'm feeling.

They were all civil but the president pretended that I wasn't there.


I'm nervous about monday.

Sana po may softball pa...

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Bakit ba....

Bakit ba kahit maaga ka magenroll nauubusan ka parin ng slots para sa required PE na kailangan mong kunin?

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